Sunday, October 5, 2014

In The Darkness ~ Written for a CPC challenge

In the Darkness

I escape through realities in the darkness
While the world sleeps
Facing my fears, they become my muse
It’s in the darkness where I create
The night’s like the void on canvas
The infinite space
Where every world imagine comes alive!

Protected Elaine Teso 2014


  1. I was thinking earlier, first time I read this... not so much about the poem, which is fantastic, but about you... You are, and forever will be an enigma to me. For extended periods of time, you go about your business and tasks, which are far more numerous than the undertakings of the average person, and you do so, enthusiastically. Sure, you have your down time, and sometimes things don't go to suit you, but you get past the negative and get back in focus and you are off to the races again... now, here is where it gets dicey... There are times when I read your words, be they in poetic form, or just you documenting what is going on in your world, but mostly it is in your poetic writing, when I feel so much enthusiasm emanating from you, as though if you do not release it, you are going to... well, explode is an awful word... you just find a way to let it show and when you do, the light shone is enough to stunt a rainbow's growth.

    I got that feeling, even as I read this, and darned if it did not get me all wound up, as well. I has a positive effect for me, as it should for anyone who reads and enjoys it... That is what I was thinking but did not come out and say the first time I read it. Odds are pretty good, when I read if for the third time, in the near future, I will just smile and nod my head.

  2. Love it, Ellie. We are kindred "night owls".